On Tuesday, 11 June 2013 the President of Energy Regulatory Office (URE) approved new tariff rates for selling energy to network companies from ENEA, ENERGA and PGE groups. The President of URE emphasized that the energy suppliers accepted the arguments he presented for lowering the energy prices.

The President of URE finished the process of setting out of electricity tariff rates for domestic buyers which had started on 20 May. The process covered four official network companies supplying electricity to nearly 13 million households.

The Office informed that on 11 June the President of URE approved tariffs for supplying electricity to ENEA, ENERGA and PGE network companies. Tariff rates for TAURON network company were approved on 5 June 2013. All approved tariffs reduce electricity prices for households (i.e. G group buyers) from 3.9 to 4.6 per cent.

URE further explains that the decrease has been caused by recent changes in the situation on the energy market, in particular by the  decrease of energy wholesale purchase prices as well as by the decrease of the so called green certificates.

Source: http://www.cire.pl


Production forecast

PEG is expected to produce 3.63 m kWh per year.

CO2 reduction

One photovoltaic power plant reduces CO2 emission by about 3.5 thousand tonnes a year.


In accordance with the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management the locations PEG power plants had over 1900 hours of sun exposition in the year 2011