Przedsińôbiorstwo Energetyczne Gubin sp. z o.o. is a dynamic company whose main objective is to build a photovoltaic power plant in Gubin with the total power of 3.872 MW.

The main tasks of Company's Management Board include, first of all, efficient completion of the project and then production and sale of electricity from a clean and renewable source, thus, creating a local energy provider and spreading existing energy sources, increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy balance, improving energy efficiency, reducing harm to the natural environment being a result of electricity generation by reducing emissions of dangerous substances to the atmosphere.


Production forecast

PEG is expected to produce 3.63 m kWh per year.

CO2 reduction

One photovoltaic power plant reduces CO2 emission by about 3.5 thousand tonnes a year.


In accordance with the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management the locations PEG power plants had over 1900 hours of sun exposition in the year 2011