On 24 July 2013 Lubuskie Region Management Board decided to approve the project of Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyczne Gubin Sp. z o.o. filed in reply to the contest  LPRO/3.2/1/2012 for co-financing within the framework of Measure 3.2 “Improving air quality and energy efficiency; development and the use of renewable energy” falling under Priority 3: “Protection and management of the resources of the natural environment” of Lubuskie Regional Operational Programme for years 2007-2013.

The project of Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyczne Gubin Sp. z o.o., i.e. Construction of a 1.504 MW Photovoltaic Farm “Gubin 1” was ranked first in the Construction of Renewable Energy Power Plant category reaching 91.9 points in total. 

The list of selected projects for co-financing under LPRO/3.2/1/2012 contest is available on the Lubuskie Regional Operational Programme website:



Interesting facts


In accordance with the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management the locations PEG power plants had over 1900 hours of sun exposition in the year 2011

Production forecast

PEG is expected to produce 3.63 m kWh per year.

CO2 reduction

One photovoltaic power plant reduces CO2 emission by about 3.5 thousand tonnes a year.